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CSC is Broken Hill's leading Strength & Conditioning facility for busy professionals who want the stress taken out of their training, to follow a program that makes them strong physically and mentally, overcome challenges & learn how to train in a safe/strong manner that will set them up for life.

Our number one priority is to provide a coached fitness experience so you can learn all the components of our program and never go to the gym again wondering how to train for your goals.

Our team has over 5 years of experience in the fitness industry in the areas of Strength training, Injury prevention and Metabolic conditioning in settings such as personal training, small group training and group classes.

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Name: Kelly – Profession: Admin
How long have you been a member at CSC for and what made you start with us?

“I started with Crystal on 28th June 2020. The reason I started was because I had heard that this gym had an impressive reputation to challenge people & take them to the next level in their fitness journey. I still remember doing the initial foundation session with Darren, and from Day 1 I was hooked! Totally blame you Darren!!!”

How many days a week are you training?

“6….don’t judge me! It keeps me off the streets! Ha ha I don’t really have a favourite day either… each day is different no matter what… not only for the workout but due to the other members being there!”

What is your favourite thing about the training?

“It’s not all about the training so much but the testing as this really shows you the results of all the work that you put in during the training! I love all the personalities of other members who train, it’s not just about lifting weights it’s about enjoying yourself too! It’s good for your mental health – we all share stories & laughs! If you’d asked me what’s my least favourite thing it would definitely be burpees and running… but I think we already knew that!”
What is the favourite change you’ve seen since starting?
“I believe my knowledge of fitness, nutrition & recovery has grown since starting with CSC, which has played a huge impact on my training & everyday life! I do also love seeing new gym members starting out, & then seeing them smash their goals after they put in the work! It’s a feeling that can only be explained/experienced by other gym members as they know exactly how you come to get to that point!”
What is your favourite thing about the CSC environment?
“Going to any gym can be a daunting experience for anyone… but the good thing with CSC it’s seriously like a family! We all have our ups & downs, triumphs & injuries and you know the people – trainers & members care! There are lots of very different personalities and dynamics, people at all stages of their fitness journey, old, young, experienced, starting out….but we are all there for the same reason!! No one person judges you on your ability or looks (thank god cause some mornings can look a bit rough!) but we are all incredibly supportive of each other! I personally have made so many friendships with people from all different walks of life, and had the privilege of sharing some of the best experiences with them!”
Name: Lachlan – Profession: Business Manager
How long have you been a member of CSC and what made you start with us?
” I’ve been a member of CSC on and off for about 2 years now, I was brought into the gym for strength and conditioning work through the Giants development academy. It was definitely one of the best training programs I’ve ever done. The guys at the gym were very friendly and welcoming and sure weren’t afraid to push us to our limits.”
How many days a week are you training?
“At the moment I’m at CSC Monday – Friday and even some Saturdays when I get get work off, I just can’t stay away from the place.”

What is your favourite thing about the training?
“My favourite thing about training is knowing that hard work WILL pay off. The harder I try, the better the result.”
What is the biggest change you have seen since starting?
“The biggest changes since I’ve started coming consistently are definitely my body and mind set, knowing you’ve just finished a hard session really just makes you feel good about yourself and pushes you to keep going, physically seeing results is definitely a big motivator for me.”
What is your favourite thing about the CSC environment?
“My favourite thing about CSC is definitely he friendly atmosphere. No matter how old you are or where your fitness level is you’re sure to fit in.”
“I started CSC about 6 months ago looking for a style of training that would improve my strength and overall fitness. It was a bit daunting but from the moment I walked in, the team at CSC were incredibly supportive and welcoming. This made a nervous time of joining so easy and stress free. Emma and Darren have created an amazing community and are both so knowledgeable in their field. They have both kept me accountable on my goals and pushing me to continually improve. In just the last few months of diving into CSC I have found such a difference in both my mental and physical state. In addition to being great coaches, Emma and Darren always take the time to teach me the right technique and make sure I continue to do so. Emma and Darren have built an incredible and supportive community that makes it so much more than just a gym. I can’t wait to continue to be a part of this amazing community! “

katie’s story

Name: Karly – Profession: Teacher
Where were you before you started at CSC?
“I was at the heaviest weight I’d ever been. I had done strength training in the past and absolutely loved it but then Covid hit and my whole routine pretty much went out the window. I struggled to find a gym I loved after lockdown ended. I also have a thoracic spine injury I’ve been dealing with for a few years.”
How did you feel about where you were?
“I had lost a lot of confidence in myself towards training and wasn’t feeling the best mentally with how much weight I was carrying.”
Why did you reach out to CSC and what made you get started with us?
“I had just moved to Broken Hill and wanted to join a gym to get myself into a good routine again. I did a bit of research about the gyms in town and CSC stuck out because it was exactly what I was looking for – strength training and small group classes”
What changes have you noticed in yourself training at CSC?

“Becoming stronger every week, learning new things about how my body can move and it definitely helps keeping my head clear and feeling good.”

How are we different from your previous fitness experiences?

“The coaches at CSC are the big difference for me. With an upper back injury that plays havoc from time to time, I need the workouts to be modified. From day one, the coaches have been so amazing with this and have even done their own research as to what can help me in the long run. It’s amazing and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

What have you learnt from training at CSC?
“I’ve learnt correct form and technique when it comes to lifting weights and have realised my body can do a lot more than what I think it can.”
Has your outlook towards health, fitness & training changed since joining?
“Definitely! I look forward to coming to class every morning to smash out the workout and try to match that with eating well and moving as much as I can throughout the day.”
What are your favourite parts of training at CSC?
“The whole environment is amazing. The coaches make it so welcoming as do the other members. The workouts are fun and I like that I can take it at my own pace if and when I need to.”
How likely are you to recommend CSC in the future and why
“100% recommend! I love being a part of the CSC community. I can not speak highly enough of the coaches and their knowledge and dedication to their members. They go above and beyond for me in making sure I can still train and have a great workout, even with an existing injury.”

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