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Darren Nankivell

Owner / Director / Head Coach

Darren was born in Broken Hill and has since lived here for 24 years. When he finished high school, Darren worked a few jobs in kitchens before he met CSC's founder Brock Martin and joined the CSC team in 2020 to pursue his dream career of becoming a personal trainer. Darren has since become CSC's head coach of group training and in 2022 purchased CSC.

Darren’s vision for the future of the gym is to create a space where like minded people can belong to a community that is driven towards becoming the best versions of themselves both mentally and physically to prepare them for any challenges that life may throw their way, whilst enjoying their time spent in the gym and the with the people around them! Darren wanted to get into the fitness industry from when he first started training with his friends after school, he has always enjoyed helping people and couldn’t think of a better career to be in. Since coming into the industry, Darren has experience in bodybuilding, Strength Training, Metabolic conditioning and is constantly looking to expand his knowledge in any and all aspects of Physical Preparedness. From Darren: “My dream as a trainer is to help people that are goal driven, want to challenge themselves and step outside their comfort zone as well as help them understand that health & fitness isn’t just about what the scales say or how they look. It is about how they speak to themselves, how they feel in their own body, how they show up in the world around them. I believe as human beings we can achieve great things, all it takes is exposing ourselves to the uncomfortable in life and constantly striving to become the best versions of ourselves”.

Emma Gearen

Admin/Marketing/ Personal Trainer/Group coach

Emma has been in the fitness industry since she was 15, starting off in a local gym behind the desk then moving on to a traineeship where she proceeded to get her cert 3&4 in personal training. Since then Emma has worked as a personal trainer and has had experience with a wide range of different people.

Over the years she has taught many 1 on 1 personal training sessions, group personal training sessions, coached classes for people of all ages including people from the age of 8 all the way up to their 80s and everything in between. Emma has previously competed in the ANBSA bodybuilding competition and a GPC powerlifting competition. Her love for trying new things comes from wanting to see as much of the industry as she can, allowing her to have more experience and knowledge to hand over to her clients. Emma also carries her Level 1 advanced instructor qualification with thump boxing. Emma believes that what she can provide is beneficial to others as she can contribute to people’s journey in our gym by being someone who genuinely cares about the success of her clients and hopes to be a positive influence on those around her in the CSC community. Whilst Emma has tried a range of different things in the industry Strength and Conditioning and in particular the way we train at CSC, has proven to be the most beneficial for Emma’s lifestyle. Emma’s role at CSC includes administration, marketing, personal training and coaching group sessions.

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